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​6 Reasons Why You Need To Invest in a 2Box DrumIt 5

Posted by on 24th Aug 2014

DrumIt 5 is an electronic drum set, which employs tunable mesh drum heads. It is specifically designed to produce more natural sound beats compared to other drum sets. The kit is comprehensive with proprietary hardware such as hi-hat stand, mounting rack and bass drum pedal.

The DrumIt 5 drum set can be a good addition to your music production company or to any other entertainment venture. It is known to produce clear and rich sound.

Benefits of using DrumIt 5

  1. 1. It is regarded as ‘open-sound drum system’. This allows you to operate any heads you might prefer. You can employ the mesh or regular heads. Furthermore, it grants you an opportunity to exercise your creativity through developing your own sound, which is imported in the module.
  2. 2. The drum set has a strong pad construction. The pads rest firmly on the Aluminium cast. The kit also features a set of tunable heads.
  3. 3. DrumIt 5 does not limit you to the sounds integrated by the manufacturer or the ones you know. Instead, it allows you to download some more beats and save them in the 4GB flash memory.
  4. 4. All its components are constructed of aluminium. This ensures that they are capable of handling any pressure as you work on them. The drum set has a firm anchorage to ensure that it does not topple over while playing.
  5. 5. The cymbals on this high-technology based drum set, gives the drummer an expansive area for playing the instruments.
  6. 6. DrumIt 5 comes with module, which is small compared to other electronic drums in the market. This is the ‘brain’ of this kit. It coordinates all the components to work in unison.

DrumIt 5 drum kit provides you with what you cannot get in the older versions of drum set. It produces amazing sound beats. It also gives you the freedom to choose the sounds and the heads to utilize. Just invest in one to enhance your entertainment business.

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