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Bosphorus Gold Cymbals

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Bosphorus Gold cymbals are professional Turkish cymbals with a high gloss finish and warm shimmery sound. The perfect cymbals for any typed of music. We carry a full selection of sizes and weights so take your pick.

The cymbal that's set to change the rock community. Handmade in the Bosphorus tradition, these crashes are hand-polished to a glistening gold shine to improve the attack and projection. A fast, vibrant, crash with quick attack and medium decay.

The bigger sizes may be used as a Crash/Ride in certain scenarios. These crashes demand little effort to "work" and can greatly reduce the fatigue brought on by playing machined cymbals. Full bodied with even pitch this cymbal reacts pleasingly whenever played gently or vigorously. A good all- around crash.

Hand-crafted cymbals with a contemporary sound...bright, crisp and clean without sounding rough or brittle.

The Bosphorus Gold Cymbals combines the "old world" warmness of hand-crafted cymbals with the cutting energy, projection, and sturdiness preferred by drummers playing in modern settings. Every Gold Series cymbal is hand hammered, then buffed to a dazzling finish. The weights of the Gold Series rides provide optimum response with an abundance of projection. The crashes are intense and cutting, however warm. The hats provide a clean potent chick sound with a brilliant splash. The Gold Series is essential for any musical situation in which powerful centered cymbals are needed.

Looking for a better deal on these and all Bosphorus Gold Cymbals? Give us a call or email and we'll make it happen.

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