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Bosphorus Master Vintage Cymbals

Bosphorus Master Vintage Cymbals are thin and washy with a woody dry tone. Perfect for jazz, blues and funk. Check out the full selection at super low prices.

The Bosphorus Master Vintage Cymbals creates a dark, warm, low-pitched pillow of tone. The ping is a cushy, woody, "slap" and the cymbal body possesses a silky, giving feeling whenever played. A wash of smoky undertones assistance the stick definition even during up tempo passages. A characteristically little, shallow bell as well as a somewhat curved profile recreates the traditional sound frequently found in jazz, blues, and big-band music from the 30's to the 60's.

The quest for vintage cymbals has ultimately concluded. Other cymbal manufactures have attempted to replicate sounds from yesteryear however only Bosphorus has been successful with their Masters Series. First, as with any Bosphorus Master Vintage Cymbals, they are entirely hand made from the casting procedure throughout the final hammering (not one hammer mark is produced by a machine). Second, the alloy is from an old formula handed down by first generation cymbal smiths that provide these instruments a smooth, "played-in" feel.

Lastly, these cymbals are a lot slimmer than today's weightier cymbals. Basically, today's medium weight is significantly heavier compared to a medium weight cymbal in 1950. An additional testimony to their weight is the distinctive "ripple" produced by the cymbal's edge when used. The Masters Series contains rides, flat rides, and two exclusive hi hats ideal for re-creating the sound and environment found on jazz, blues, and big band stages and recordings.

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