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Bosphorus Samba Cymbals

Bosphorus Samba cymbals are thin and dark cymbals with a cool unlathed bell and a fast warm decay. Great for latin, jazz, blues or even rock. Check em out today!

The Bosphorus Samba Cymbals are a 20" crash/ride and 14" hats, that have an unlathed area from the bell until midway over the bow, and then a kind of spiral groove lathed area to the edge. These were created firstly especially for Brazilian music but possess a broader appeal.

Bosphorus says that the range is targeted at those jazz players searching for that vintage Turkish sound, but because of the sizes offered it wishes to see players in other styles giving them a go.

Evidently the rides have been designed to work well as big crashes in rockier music, and Bosphorus Samba Cymbals have even created 16" hi-hats and a 26" ride - time to start buying new cymbal bags and give the postie a raise!

The creators of Bosphorus were 3 close friends that were raised in the same community. Their common bond was being taken to work in a community cymbal workshop. Their modest beginnings involved cleaning the workshop and other menial tasks, but eventually they were schooled in the art of producing cymbals. During the early ages of their youth they became cymbal smiths. Their instructors were the masters who produced the famous cymbals of 60’s and 70’s.

After 16 years at the same workshop the friends went off independently and founded their own company. Today they preserve close relations with their original employers. The Masters still appreciate their teachers to this day.

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