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  • CRX Hi-Flange Stack Pack
  • CRX HI-Trash Stack-Pack
  • CRX Low-Sizzle Stack Pack
  • CRX Hi-Sizzle Stack Pack
  • CRX Mid-Trash Stack Pack
  • CRX Low-Trash Stack Pack
  • CRX Mid-Sizzle Stack pack
  • CRX Choke Stack pack
  • CRX Crasher Stack Pack
  • CRX Mid-Flange Stack Pack

CRX Stack Pack Cymbals

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Product Description

CRX Stack Pack Cymbals offer a huge variety of different stacker options to cover every playing situation you may have. There's 10 different combinations of Xtreme, Rock and Classic splashes, stackers and chinas stacked together to create many new and interesting effects. Each stacker comes with a bag.

Available stackers include:

CRX Choke: Xtreme 8˝ Splash on Xtreme 10˝ Splash

CRX Hi-Trash: Rock 8˝ Splash on Classic 10˝ China

CRX Hi-Sizzle: Classic 8˝ Splash on Xtreme 10˝ Stacker

CRX Hi-Flange: Rock 10˝ Stacker on Xtreme 10˝ China

CRX Mid-Trash: Rock 10˝ Splash on Classic 12˝ China

CRX Mid-Flange: Rock 10˝ Stacker on Rock 12˝ China

CRX Mid-Sizzle: Classic 10˝ Stacker on Xtreme 14˝ Crash

CRX Lo-Sizzle: Classic 10˝ Splash on Rock 14˝ Stacker

CRX Lo-Trash: Xtreme 12˝ Splash on Classic 14˝ China

CRX Crasher: Classic 14˝ Stacker on Rock 14˝ China

CRX Stack Pack Cymbals are the only cymbals created to supply the sound, quality and selection— along with the value and sturdiness— that meet the requirements of today’s drummers. CRX can be purchased in a number of series, types and models for an unparalleled selection of nearly 90 different cymbals and endless cymbal set options.

With CRX’s distinctive mixture of high quality and variety, working drummers can readily find cymbals that enhance any modern music style or circumstance while students and younger players can feel and sound like pro’s.

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