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Istanbul Mehmet Vezir Cymbals

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The Istanbul Mehmet Vezir Cymbals are traditionally lathed on the top and have an unfinished bottom. The have a nice bright attack with the control of an unlathed cymbal.

The Istanbul Mehmet Vezir Ride Cymbals are among the more dazzling from Istanbul's cymbal ranges. These cymbals utilize much deeper hammering, together with blending an unlathed bottom with a lathed top for a bright but controlled sound which is very fast. The basic mark up in the Vezir Cymbal lines are based on linking the control of the Turk cymbals with the bright musical tone of the traditional cymbals.

The rides have a bright musical attack and preliminary spread of a lathed cymbal with the controlled qualities of an unlathed cymbal. The Vezir Series delivers a ideal combination of the Traditional and Turk Series style of cymbal making … lathed on top, unlathed on the bottom. Balanced. Well-defined. Equalized. Focused. Musical. Nice harmonics, dry cymbal body sound.

The hihats have warm clean chick sound with a smooth distinct foot tone. Open them up and produce a musical warm wash that's great for any style of music.
A blend between the Turk and Traditional series these cymbals are perfect for any type of music from rock to jazz.

The Istanbul company was created by a cymbal works founded by a pair of cymbalsmiths, Mehmet Tamdeger and Agop Tomurcuk. These cymbals were initially exported to the U.S. in 1984, 1st under the name "Zildjiler", and shortly afterward as "Istanbul". Every artisans signed each cymbal. Many of these cymbals have become collectors' items. After Agop's death in 1997, the organization split, with Mehmet setting up his own company and creating cymbals sold as Istanbul Mehmet, and Agop's sons Sarkis and Arman organizing their own organization and making cymbals sold as Istanbul Agop.

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Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversry, Vezir Jazz, Special Edition, Turk and Traditional Cymbals ()
  • Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversry, Vezir Jazz, Special Edition, Turk and Traditional Cymbals

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