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  • Spizz 24" Ride Cymbals

Spizz 24" Ride Cymbals

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Spizz 24" Ride Cymbals

The Spizz 24” ride cymbal is truly a monster…and not just because of its size. In the first place, it is unbelievably sensitive; you barely have to breathe it react onto it to create. And that response is a complete array of under- and overtones, starting in the bottom and spreading out into a midrange that is powerful.

As you might expect, the 24” diameter produces lots of spread and a sustain that is long. (it’s almost like hitting a gong. in the event that you dare to crash this beast) Contrasting with the low fundamental pitch of the cymbal is a very bright, penetrating bell.

This Spizz model isn’t for everyone. But you can control its almost unlimited energy and sonic range and open up a whole range of playing possibilities.

Cymbals have a unique mystique about them that other percussion instruments don’t possess. This mystique involves a great amount of myth and legend that all cast cymbals made in Turkey possess.

The Spizz cymbals are designed in the USA by jazz drummers at Universal Percussion. These cymbals are all hand-hammered to our requirements in Istanbul. These high end cymbals can only be described by one word, “amazing!”

Every Spizz cymbal is hand-hammered in Turkey by cymbalsmiths with than 20 plus years of experience. Spizz cymbals are brilliant in sound, quality and metal composition. Each cymbal possess an individual voice and no two Spizz cymbals sound the alike.

The largest difference in this amazing line is our B25 alloy. This means the mixture from the raw material and the way these instruments are hammered, are a well kept secret. This assures that the cymbals will be unique in relation to any others.  Most cast cymbals are made of B20 alloy which employs 80% copper, 20% tin, and a small amount of a few other metals. It’s obvious that Spizz cymbals made by Universal Percussion in Istanbul have a sound like no other. These cymbals reflect the Turkish cymbal making companies many generations back, to the days when all jazz ride cymbals came from Turkey.

They will be available in very small numbers while supplies last. We use the philosophy of quality, not quantity. The line includes: 14" matched hi-hats, 16",17”,18",19” crashes, 20” and 21" crash rides, along with 22" and 24" rides.

The descriptions generally used to describe cymbal sounds—terms like “solid chick,” “dark,” “crisp,” “bright,” “complex tonality,” “clear stick definition,” “plenty of wash”—don’t begin to do justice to the amazing acoustic tone of Spizz cymbals. Every one is a completely individual instrument; no 2 will ever sound exactly the same. 

Check out the amazing Spizz Cymbals today at Cymbalism Music and save.

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