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TRX BRT Cymbals

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TRX BRT cymbals can be seen with several professional touring and also recording percussionists kits, and for good reason. All these TRX Cymbals sound amazing and feature a superior frequency sound spectrum this is certainly coveted between modern drummers. In addition to that you get our prime quality cymbals which are hand made one by one in Turkey making use of age old procedures in addition to modern-day level of quality.

The TRX Cymbals BRT range are the most reflective cymbals available, due to extensive polishing and also buffing which is carried out by hand inside the Turkish manufacturing facility. The TRX BRT's glow as being a mirror and reflect stage lights intensively increasing the performance element of ones show. These un-lathed and un-hammered cymbals produce a quick decay with volume in mind. Perfect for the heavy drummer playing heavier styles.

Our TRX BRT cymbal series boasts extra thick with a unlathed playing area which results in the vibrant , intense, potent sounding cymbals that will cut through the maximum stage volumes. The enhanced presence you'll get with TRX BRT's is definitely rich, and though these types of cymbals are intended to be heard, they'll however keep the great constant overtones that you'll only get through awesome Turkish cymbals. 

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