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TRX DRK Cymbals

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Our TRX DRK cymbals are phenomenal in the visual sense and they're far more satisfying to play. The TRX DRK range was created to live outside the range of just about all of today's existing cymbals, and the goal has been recognized wonderfully. The design and of course sound of TRX Cymbals DRK's with no question sets them apart from others and will satisfy virtually any percussionist.

The DRK is an acronym for "dark" and the cymbals are created by using genuine old world procedures, which create this dark rich tone exclusively found in hand-crafted cymbals. The TRX DRK cymbal range, as the title suggests, was created to provide an added dark tone. The astonishing tone which comes represent the TRX cymbals B20 plus alloy this isn't the typical cymbal bronze. The TRX B20 alloy is unique considering that during the exact heat procedure a little more tin along with silver are combined with allowing them to achieve the ideal sound that might not be experienced with traditional cymbals.

The TRX DRK cymbals are hand hammered from bow to the edge and the bells stay un-lathed and un-hammered. The entire outside edge of each cymbal has mini band lathing. The lathing enhances the visual effect and open the tone with every DRK cymbal. In step with Turkish cymbal making custom, all DRK cymbals are hand-crafted individually from the TRX master Cymbalsmiths. 

All TRX DRK cymbals are completely hand made lathed and hammered by skilled cymbalsmiths for the professional drummer.

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