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TRX LTD Cymbals

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TRX LTD Cymbals are designed with all 3 zones of the cymbal handled differently leading to 3 separate playing areas and a ride that will crash like few other. The definition comes thru clear and the bells are amazing.

The TRX LTD Cymbals Series in the TRX Cymbal Co. was created to supply drummers multiple advancements over the sound and performance of previously available Crash-Rides. The TRX LTD Series utilizes three kinds of finishing methods to enhance two kinds of sounds which are distinctive of top selling, dual purpose cymbals.

Through out their ongoing research into cymbal performance, TRX master Cymbal Smiths acknowledged that changing the 3 primary components of a cymbal - the edge, bell and face can greatly influence its acoustical output. By creating a original blend of manufacturing methods for the TRX LTD Cymbals that increase every zones sonic affect they were capable to produce this unique series.

The outer edge of TRX LTD Cymbals Crash Rides has a significantly polished finish that contributes more brightness and explosiveness on the crash component of the sound while the bell of the cymbal incorporates a organic finish to enhance the definition and articulation in the ride sound. To preserve a balance between the LTD cymbals clarity, power and its all around warmth and full-frequency tonal spectrum. The main playing surface contains a more prevalent lathed and hand-hammered finish. 

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