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Ukuleles For Less

5 Tips on Buying Ukuleles

Ukuleles are a part of guitar family that uses four sets of strings. They come in different sizes and designs. In addition, they are made of various materials. Its tone and the magnitude of the sound produced depends chiefly on its construction and size.

Shopping for these guitars, can be a daunting task for first time buyers. With the varying prices, sizes and makes, it will be difficult to know the right musical instrument to take home.

Things to consider when buying ukuleles

  1. 1.      Find a size which suits you best. Mostly, they come in four sizes. Soprano is the smallest, then next in size is the concert which is slightly larger and with a deep tone. Tenor comes third with deeper bass tone and more volume. Last but not the least, it is a baritone. Get a size that you can comfortably learn your fingers on.
  2. 2.      Choose the right material. Most Ukuleles are made of wood while others are laminated. Different wood materials will produce varying sound qualities. Prior to buying, try to play and compare various guitars. Watch out for those types that are constructed using plywood; they produce awful sounds.
  3. 3.      The quality of the strings matters, as you shop around for the instrument; assess the quality of the chords. The tone produced will solely depend on the tension of the strings.
  4. 4.      Select the best tuning machine. There are two main kinds of tuning machines namely; geared tuners and friction pegs. The formers are efficient since they allow for more enhanced tuning as compared to friction pegs.
  5. 5.      Check on the finish. The finishing of the ukuleles does not only make your instrument attractive but play a significant role in influencing the volume produced.

The best place to shop for Ukuleles is in your local music store. Here you will be able to compare a variety of the instruments. Prices will vary depending on the quality. There is no problem with trying to save some money but never compromise on the model of the guitar.


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