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Wuhan China Cymbals

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Wuhan China Cymbals are the biggest name in china cymbals. The industry standard for super trashy chinas. Hand crafted out of qualtiy B20 alloys and hand hammered and lathed these cymbals sound and look professional but are priced for the beginner or intermediate drummer. Choose from a wide selection of sizes with or without rivets and now in different colors. The low prices make them afffordable for everyone. Grab one today and save.

The majority cymbals on the market have Turkish or European influence. Then again, WUHAN has characterized the Oriental sound for hundreds of years. To better comprehend their appeal, let's look at Wuhan's history and a number of the products they feature. For over 1900 years Wuhan has created cast, hand-hammered cymbals in China.

In fact, the Chinese have-been attributed with creating the cymbal for use as a musical instrument. Wuhan is known for their china and gong cymbals. Although most people do not realize that they also build a line of "western" style cymbals. In fact, Universal Percussion, Inc. who owns Wuhan helped in the development of an outstanding series of professional quality cymbals which include a traditional, rock, and bright series.

Every model is offered at prices below contending cymbals and are protected by Wuhan's one year breakage guarantee (which will replace any cymbal within a year of purchase- no questions asked). Wuhan's china cymbals range in size from 12" to 27". They offer rivets in the 16", 18", 20", & 22" sizes. They're defined as dark, forceful and trashy with unique tonalities.

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