TRX Special Edition 14" Hihat Cymbals


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Choose from AX or KX models.

Offering professional sound and appearance at a surprisingly affordable price, the Special Edition Series from TRX is a new class of cymbals for modern drummers of all ages and abilities. The handcrafted, hand-hammered, B20 Bronze cymbals feature a full, rich tonal spectrum and a deluxe, two-tone finish. They are highly recommended for a wide variety of contemporary musical genres and playing situations.

While both the original Special Edition KX and Special Edition AX cymbals are made from handcrafted, hand-hammered, B20 Bronze, the warmer, darker standard Special Edition KX series offer a contrast to the brighter tone of the AX models. Both series are available in 3 popular ride, crash, hi-hat pre-packs as well as an assortment of crash, splash, china and Stacker™ add-ons.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review